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Investing for Impact :

A Global Venture Capital Fund ​

We invest in companies that change the world


Menlo Park Capita supports a wide range of once-impossible-to-achieve technologies, such as waste remediation, artificial photosynthesis,  CO2 reduction, and collaborative robots.

Menlo Park Capital is a global venture capital, and consulting firm focused on breeding highly impact entrepreneurs in Europe, Canada, the United States, and emerging markets like Indonesia, Singapore and India. Founded by Habib Imam in 2019, we make long-term, hands on strategic investments in our chosen core areas: Climate tech, Deep tech, Robotics, Artificial intelligence, and Sustainability. We actively partner with a distinct set of companies, including early-stage startups building breakthrough technologies. Our team enjoys helping to frame strategic investments and help the companies to grow internationally. 

We also support the execution of new strategies through a pragmatic, implementation-ready approach. With industry experts embedded into every project, our strategy execution is tailored to your industry.

Instead of simply writing a check and serving on the board like typical VCs, we’d actually nurture the companies. We fill in the gaps where they were missing expertise. We introduce them to customers, find partners, and connect them to their eventual acquirer.


Innovation : 

Since its establishment, Menlo Park Capital has strongly promoted the creation of new businesses and star-ups and has made aggressive investments. We, are creative disruptors who have the logical thinking ability and execution ability cultivated through consulting, as well as innovative ideas and high-tech knowledge , as social issues and needs across countries, industries, and domains. We will continue to create services that meet the needs of customers.

Main services :


Capital strategy /policy planning


CVC operation support / operation agency


Corporate / business revitalization / value-up support

Strategy :

Menlo Park Capital’s strategy practice is run by senior, top-tier consultants with deep industry experience who do the work and deliver insightful, practical recommendations.

We provide one-stop support from identifying promising business areas, creating ideas, formulating business models, PoC, and commercialization.

There is no longer a “correct answer” in the business world. In order to produce results, it is necessary to make full use of the right brain such as creativity, empathy, and storytelling, in addition to left-brain logical thinking. Our members with diverse backgrounds support your company’s innovation creation.

Main services :

  • Support for new business concept 
  • Business model hypothesis formulation 
  • PoC planning and implementation 
  • Global Expansion
  • Formulating new business plans
  • New business planning /  Development organization design / Implementation
  • Marketing planning 
  • Consumer insight extraction 

Digital :

Full-stack members who are comprehensively familiar with strategy / data / AI / IT will realize “DX based on data / AI utilization” for customers and society.

From strategy formulation to execution phase, comprehensive data utilization strategy that raises the level of business / organization / service at once by utilizing data sleeping in individual companies and technology utilization for that purpose and DX promotion by utilizing cutting-edge technology, We will support you all at once.

Main services :

  • Digital / data utilization overall strategy construction
  • DX promotion planning / execution support
  • AI model construction implementation / data analytics
  • DX Organization Development / DX Human Resources Requirements Definition / DX Human Resources Development


About Habib Imam

Habib co-founded Menlo Park Capital to believe that the most scientifically and technologically ambitious companies should be supported to have the greatest impact on the future. His goal was to find founders who were working on things that most people felt wouldn’t succeed, but that if they did, would become so ingrained in our culture that we would eventually take them for granted.

Habib is an entrepreneur with more than 12 years of global experience in business development and investment management. He has founded 2 companies. As a consultant, he has aided the growth of more than 29 companies, achieving successful exits with many of them.




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